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Monday, February 21, 2011

Joy Behar the Constitution hater

Here's some tweets & comments from miss wonderful:
Joy Behar
Let us imagine Sarah Palin dealing with Egypt right now.
Joy Behar
Apparently, John Boehner will cry over anything. He just teared up over the news that Two and a Half Men is shutting down.
Joy Behar
When Obama proposed cutting subsidies to oil companies, Boehner looked like he ate some bad clams.
Joy Behar
John Boehner is about to receive the gavel from Nancy Pelosi. Congratulations to the new Weeper of the House.

  • Joy: I had a little cowgirl outfit when I was a kid. I was like a little lesbian in those days.

  • Joy: Viagra is the crack cocaine of the nursing homes.

  • and then there's:
    "Britney needs to go wherever Obama Bin Laden is hiding, because we can’t find him." If anyone can find OBAMA Bin Laden, it would certainly be Britney.
    Joy Behar on Economics: "Isn't it a little racist to call it Black Friday?"
    ...and everyday folks watch, follow, and belive in her.

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