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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

How bad does it have to get?

It is interesting how folks go about their daily lives complacent and confident that there is nothing wrong. The average Joe and Josephine are reactive but not proactive. We put more interest in which DRIOD or iPhone will be on the market next week than what’s going on in D.C.  If I said the word “Winning!” you would know exactly who I am referring to. However if I said “Corpsman” with the ‘ps’ pronounced, you would have no idea who I am talking about. Who said this, “I mean …I do think at a certain point you've made enough money.”?  That’s a pretty serious comment. Who said it?
Some of us (me included) sit on the edge of my chair watching and predicting whose going to be drafted into my favorite team, who was traded, etc. But do we sit on the edge of our seat and track what’s happening on the floor of the House? Probably not.
Don’t ever doubt that what is going on there has no effect on you personally, either now or down the road. What’s worse we’re not paying close attention to the “chain of command” over you., let’s see…
I own a company that provides office technology to my local business community.  How can I say this nicely? I don’t do work for poor people. I do work for wealthy individuals, corporations, and successful private business owners. It doesn’t sound “PC” but it is a fact. Assuming my company provides exceptional products and services, I should be able to compete and win market share right here in the District 6 area (Marin & Sonoma County). FACT: My customers have had open discussions with me regarding local, state, and federal taxes and regulations ranging from environmental regulation, surtaxes, and fees. Furthermore they have discussed the economy and how their operation will have to change. Part of the changes they will have to make will include utilizing my services less, purchasing used and refurbished parts from me instead of new, requesting that I provide a reduced rate, and trading in their surplus office technology in exchange for services just to name a few.
If you are unsympathetic to these wealthy entities consider this; DON’T ASK ME FOR A JOB! In fact don’t call my office and bother enquiring about job openings!  Why would I say this? It’s due to a term that you may either love or hate. It’s the “Trickle Down” process. If my customers cut back on my products and services I don’t grow and hire. It’s that simple. What’s worse? The city, county, state, and the fed lose desperately needed tax revenue. So what does government do? It imposes additional taxes, additional regulations, and attempts to mandate healthcare on large and small business. They print and borrow money driving the American dollar down. Currently the dollar is at $0.37 in value. 
So here’s the deal. If this doesn’t worry you and you are going on about your life, popping into Starbucks before you head to your place of work, assuming your job is secure, then fine.  Do that.
How about this? Start watching all the news. Watch the “left” and “right” news outlets. Watch C-Span. Listen to “/” talk radio and listen to “\” talk radio. Read every political blog and news blog. Watch what happens. You will find yourself sitting on the edge of your seat if nothing else. The ever-changing landscape of America can be scary and/or exciting to witness.
This may be the extent or limit of your interest. But whether you’re left or right, dipping your toes into the process is a rush! If you’re not involved in the course and direction of this country you’re missing out on some real excitement. And if you’re not involved in the course and direction of this country you probably shouldn’t be complaining about folks, corporations, Tea Parties, Democrats, or Republicans.
That’s the way I see it.

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  1. I've had my head in my Starbucks and Droid - I understand that has been a choice. Recently have been poking my head up to learn of these and many topics that are uncomfortable to deal with and listen to. But I realize, if I keep my head buried what does say to my children? Don't worry, the world is a mess but you kids can clean it up for us.
    I appreciate this blog and that you are willing to say what is uncomfortable and possibly non politically correct. When did we become such a fragile nation that we cannot speak the truth? Much less hear the truth!
    Keep it up!