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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Government and Homeowner's Associations not that different

Government... local and federal:
Government is a service to the citizens. It was created by and for the citizens “in order to form a more perfect union”.

Try to remember this everyday as you go about the business of being an American.

Government is no more than a property manager or homeowner’s association. Think about it this way: A homeowner’s association in a gated community (The United States of America) is to insure that the residence (citizens) are protected from uninvited guests (illegal entry). In order for the guest to gain access to the property they must use the call box and get permission to enter from the resident (INS, Customs, and an immigration sponsor). Most gated communities have security to patrol the neighborhood (U.S. Armed Forces).
The homeowner’s association sets up the rules an ordinances voted in by the residence (ballot measures, propositions, etc.) The homeowner’s association always has residence representation, a person who volunteers to represent the wishes of their neighbors (Congress / Senate). Homeowner’s associations have presidents and vice presidents, treasures, and secretaries. (Executive Branch)
The homeowner’s association has been given responsibility of arranging for property maintenance and repairs (Infrastructure, roads, highways, and parks).

Your local City government is nearly the same, less the gated access service. Watch them closely.
In all cases your property management fees (taxes) must be spent wisely with focus on security, rules, and maintenance. (Military & Police, Laws & Constitution, and infrastructure maintenance and repair) In fact, infrastructure maintenance and repair really is a local issue and is not in the Constitution.

In a nutshell:
Government! Secure the perimeter, trim the hedges, and listen and heed the residents (citizens). Otherwise butt out!
Get it?!

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