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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Engage and convert

The Winged Beast

In order to understand the playing field between conservatives and liberals it is important to dissect the interworking of the liberal platform.

Here’s my casual observation.

There is a core platform in the liberal phenomena that may have started as far back as Woodrow Wilson. Over time the liberal structure developed two wings. One wing is the tactical group while the other is the marketing group.

The tactical group assumed the function of manipulating the territory to fit their best interests. This included creating and holding district lines that kept the conservative voice in check. Other strategies include employing legislative loopholes contrary to the Constitution and earmark funding to sway the votes in their favor.

Meanwhile the marketing arm of the liberal movement took positions in major media outlets, formed community organizations with persuasive leaders, and sought disenfranchised and poor Americans to cultivate.

The tactical arm and the marketing arm came together to ally with powerful unions. The liberal movement, utilizing the unions as one of its bountiful hosts, was able to leverage the money and power by the union organization itself, while cultivating sympathy with its members.

The tactic and marketing model of the liberal movement originally happened almost by accident. But when they came to realize they were gaining ground, they became organized and powerful. Capitalizing on the codependent nature of their relationship, they were able to keep the message of dependence and suffering alive. Not unlike the ant and the aphid that yields a honey-like substance on which the ants feed.


Now is the time to recast the dichotomy of left and right. If it cannot be seen as a competitive setting, the conservative will continue to do its Rumpelstiltskin routine. The yelling and vitriol that makes us look powerless and repugnant will have to stop. It is time to take a mature, strategic position. We will have display our sophistication and calm. When confronted with severe opposition and baseless ideology, restraint and calm is the order of the day. Listen and show interest in your subject as he or she espouses their liberal wisdom. Show interest. Do not stand in front of them. Stand beside them to reduce the sense of confrontation. Be courteous and kind. Smile. Breathe.

After the liberal bloviating has finished, invite them to hear you out and ask their opinion along the way. Remain firm and respectful. Remain calm. Invite them to visit with other conservative folks. Preplan this meeting and make sure that the conservative members are on board. This may require a few anger management courses but the benefits could be robust.

Behind the Scenes

Start a sub-marketing campaign that showcases the falsehoods and spin of the left while keeping yourself insulated from the ‘anonymous’ publisher.  Make sure you are relentless in showcasing the lies and spin of the left while never revealing the source (you).
When the liberal complains either face-to-face or by blog, respond with empathy as you ask your subject why the publisher took such a position.  Allow them to go through their repeated and tired talking points. Don’t get mad and respond. Ask them if it would be ok to team up and investigate the accusation of falsehoods. Make the playing field feel level.

Work it!

My son told me over dinner the other night that if the liberal mind has pure dislike and contempt for the Tea Party, then change the name of the Tea Party and continue the work as he cited the name change from ‘liberal’ to ‘progressive’. (a 17 year old)
Create new organization names that portray something pleasant such as relating the term CRUSH to the wine country.

Create the pyramid

Do you want it or don’t you?  Conservatives often take the starving musician’s mentality. “We are what we are and you are wrong”. How can one change another’s mind if they are not allowed to at least take a peek at the offering?  It will be impossible to engage, convert, and indoctrinate if they are dragged kicking and screaming to conservatism.

Create the conservative pyramid that allows a place to get on. Your work to convert can start later. A conservative pyramid could look like this: Michael Savage and Rush Limbaugh position 1, Sean Hanity, Glenn Beck position 2, Bill O’Reilly and Britt Hume position 3, George Stephanopoulos and John Stossel position 4, Geraldo Rivera and Joe Scarborough position 5. And so on. (perhaps a bad example but you get the idea)

The key is engagement. Without it the definition of insanity will prevail ~ Albert Einstein once said "The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results".


  1. I have not changed my mind to allow for conservative views. I have opened my mind to the possibility that perhaps what I inherited in my family culture, in the way of liberal views, do not totally support my own independent thinking.
    Bloviating is not limited to the left, nor is yelling and vitriol limited to the right. I think, for myself and listen to that which is reasonable. High drama is rarely reasonable. This blog offers a reasonable starting point.

  2. Thank you Anonymous. I long for the return of civil debate. Years ago (many in fact) the left and the right would lob the ball back and forth. After either coming to common ground or agreeing to disagree, they would go for lunch. Those were the days when America was strong and admired.