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Thursday, May 18, 2017

We Must Name Them to Defeat Them

Here is the challenge. They (meaning the Democrats) have the ability to do many things simultaneously via George Soros and other means. They are able to spin off splinter groups like #BlackLivesMatter, #WomansMarch, and #antifa to name a few. They also know how to rename toxic ideologies like changing global warming to climate change; switching back and forth between liberal and progressive as titles. They also have the incredible ability to push our buttons, infiltrate the media, banks, 3-letter agencies, and other governments.
The Democratic party is the most codependent scenario ever seen. While the teary-eyed masses teeter and urinate themselves over their alleged leaders, these alleged leaders hijack their independence and autonomy creating a population of mindless drones -- zombies that are blindly indoctrinated by a barrage of messages of victim-hood and despair.
These drooling followers and members of the Democratic party are a pathetic example of the followers of Kim Jong Il. Frankly I see no difference.
So here is my point. Democrats have followers. Conservatives have supporters. Big difference. This is why I want us to organize and coalesce to remove the "body" of the snake, as the head of the snake still seems to be untouchable. I am starting the campaign #CallThemDemocrats. Rather than allowing for diluted terminology such as libs, liberals, progressives, etc... I will go straight for their fragile egos and refer to all splinter groups as Democrats. We must flush out the silent ones as well as the toxic violent ones. There is only one way to begin the dismantling of this party. We must name the enemy in order to combat the enemy.
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