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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Stimulating the Micro-business

W9/1099 Micro Business

The economy and economic growth is a state of mind and is dictated the human condition. I propose we make a bold move to create an environment  that allows for a drastic reduction in tax liability when a W9/1099 Micro Business environment is employed.  Let's pick an arbitrary figure like 13% of net income. If the unemployed knew that they could perform "odd jobs" or provide a product or service with in the scope of their skills, and not feel compelled to sneak around working under the table, while getting the full blessing of the federal government, don't you think Micro Businesses would be popping up everywhere? Let's take it a step further. If you work as a Micro Business, the W9/1099 environment affords you a softening of some of the costly permits and regulations. Yes. The government can sponsor your state licenses and permits.

It not only creates an enhanced tax revenue stream in place of government assistance but it also addresses the human condition that includes pride of ownership, dignity, and low tax income. It also breaks the unhealthy codependent relationship with the government and converts the relationship to an alliance.

You will lose your W9/1099 Micro Business benefit if you are found to be dishonest or criminal.

Also those who become self employed have a tendency to tilt more towards right.


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