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Monday, April 11, 2011


In 1988 I retained Lynn Woolsey to find me a candidate technician for my new company. She had me sign a contract and pay her a deposit.
Upon a phone call she advised me that she had just the person. Lynn and I came to an agreement that if it did not work out that I would lose my deposit but would be able to recover my placement fee. Lynn touted this potential employee as a rock star and would put my company on the map.

The gentleman was a great person, well organized, and had excellent people skills with my customers. Here's the deal; he knew nothing of my industry and there was a serious and expensive training curve.

So in a nutshell... a great guy but not a fit.

Now the costs that I had incurred at such an early era in my business (having an inexperienced employee recommended by Lynn), put me in a position that it would be more prudent to wait another year before hiring.

When I called Woolsey Personnel Service  I repeatedly got Lynn's answering machine (sound familiar?). So I went ahead and stopped by to ask for my $700 back and to cancel the deal. She became very terse with me and demanded that I hire another one of her recommendations. I declined and she became very snarky with me. She said she will not be paying me back the $700 and accused me of not sticking with her original recommendation.

Rather than stand in her doorway of that little office on Redwood Way, Petaluma, and listen to the endless excuses, I chose to leave and follow up later.

I made three more phone calls. Just an answering machine.

In summary. Lynn has an entitlement mentality and will take what ever she can, leveraging any position to do so.

Great to have Lynn representing herself and not We the People. Now give me my $700 back!

This is the way I see it.

I will let you know if she unleashes her bullies on me.

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