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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The New Kid in Town

NorCal CRUSH is an open, transparent organization engaged in uniting residents in the vital mission of making our cities and counties, our state, and our nation better places to live and work. Our core values include confidence in the benefits of limited, accountable government and personal freedom and responsibility for individuals. We are convinced a healthy economy is obtained by promoting private sector enterprises and employment. We believe in and are working tirelessly to sustain the unique character of our beloved home, Northern California. We invite you to join us in our specific endeavors:
WATCHDOGS: CRUSH representatives attend city council meetings, county supervisors meetings, and other political and community meetings whose policies affect us all. You can participate too as an observer/reporter.  WORKSHOPS: CRUSH will hold various mentoring and informational gatherings for young people and for people of every age. All are welcome.
ACTIVITIES: CRUSH plans to DO, not just talk. Call it explanation through action. Clean up a beach or a park together. Collect signatures on reform petitions. The possibilities are endless.
RESOURCES FOR  POLITICAL CANDIDATES: CRUSH will provide first-time office seekers with advice and guidance based experience. Why should new candidates have to re-invent the wheel? It is time like-minded candidates had a resource, a center of gravity, they can count on.
NEWS AND OPINION: CRUSH, besides presenting a gallery of recurring commentators on this website, will be your voice. Bring an issue to the table. Bring us facts, or investigative pieces. Bring an opinion about a local, state, or federal law, agency, events or other situations. We are determined to print “the other side — the right side” of the story.
We who proudly reside in the wine country can think of ourselves as the fruit of the vine of the heritage our forefathers “planted.” Now, as we face today’s considerable challenges, we must harvest the power of knowledge to ensure a fruitful future too. It’s up to us — all of us.

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