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Tuesday, April 12, 2011


I’m doing my taxes using TurboTax Home & Business. It is a truly amazing product. But that’s not really the point. I run a small business in California which is a double-whammy. Now that the entire United States of America has become California, paying these taxes is more repugnant than ever.
Why do I have to go through this exercise? I will be doing this for hours or I could hire someone to do it for me. Neither should be in play. Since taxes are imposed and the penalties are harsh we are all stuck doing the paperwork weather itemized or not. It feels like there is a fee to exist. ‘The Existence Fee’
Currently business is slow. The days of Regan-2-Bush-2-Clinton are over. George Herbert Walker Bush however strong on foreign policy, gleefully signed off on any expensive bill that landed on his desk. I respectfully disagreed with the Fanny / Freddie / TARP spending. I respectfully disagreed with the health care bill. I respectfully disagreed with the propping up of the unions, namely SEIU. They should have all been left to implode and languish. Small and large businesses have the wherewithal to adjust and change to survive. In a capitalist setting the economy has the ability to replant for next year’s crop. D.C. is completely clueless on the inner workings of capitalism. In fact they are showing that they despise capitalism.  This is known as ‘biting the hand that feeds you’.
So let’s get back to my point about the awful process of doing my taxes. Why am I doing this? What have I purchased for this amount of money? I see only one thing that makes filling out these forms and paying this kind of money palatable; our men and women of the armed services. They are the most honorable government employee in history. They are under paid, overworked, and have a lackey retirement program. In contrast, those big-bellied, booze swilling, pasta eating, woman-renting, 10-hours-a-week working, bloviating, useless, self righteous apparent humans in D.C., who claim to represent our best interests are sitting back comfortable being serviced by their SEIU enabled workforce. The bulk of our tax dollars are going to them and their ridiculous pet projects. So here I am hunkering down as I navigate through a horrible economy and I have asked for nothing from the Fed or the State. Nothing! I’m on my own out here and so are you (who seek nothing from the government).
In a nutshell:
Show up to the Tax Day Rally down town. It’s the least you can do.


  1. What are the details of the Tax Day Rally? Where and what time?

  2. It's not to be missed, it's going to be a great event, come one come all and bring your friends. Lets show the community we are still here and we are not going away. It's time for limited government, fiscal responsibility, and for all the citizens to be heard!
    This Friday 12-3 pm downtown Santa Rosa.
    See you there!
    Thank you!