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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Anti Business

Regulation, over taxing, compliance, unions, illegal (oh sorry "undocumented) workers. We have become a nation of consultants and phone “app” producers. As long as the progressive backed government continues to keep a stronghold on our manufacturers we will be… well…. France. Oh right! France! Now THAT’s Utopia! Sipping espresso in the little cafĂ©, artists it their floppy hats provoking deep thought. Sitting, thinking, philosophizing, pondering, and STARVING. Nice!

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  1. Wee Wee and Poo Poo! Nah....I don't think I'd do well living like the French!

    My thoughts are, as bad as it is and as bad as it may get, there are people across this Great Nation who are waking up and realizing that we screwed up, and screwed up good by allowing ourselves to be the silent majority with a "I can't make a difference!" attitude. Look at what we have accomplished during the past year and a half.

    I'm not the sharpest tool in the shed but I get the concept of what over regulation can do to a thriving company and job growth. This progressive mentality of creating a life for the people to live in a world of everybody gets the same, whether you like it or not are reaping destruction in our own backyards....they are running your City Hall and getting grants in 7 digit numbers to build the perfect little life for you and me, and what you don't see is the regulations, fines and fees they impose on potential business to keep them from setting roots in their town because they don't have the right roots for their vision!

    There is an attack on business', job creators and workers on every level and it is happening from the top all the way down. We may not be able to do anything about what we read or hear about across this Nation, but we can do something about our own back yard.

    Here's a thought.....

    What happened to our parent's words and why aren't we repeating them to our kids? "Buy American!" Maybe those words lacked a reason why? Maybe we should echo our parents and grandparents with their old fashion sayings to kids and young adults?...."Buy American!" and this is the reason why......