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Thursday, March 24, 2011

The California Labor and Workforce Development Agency

Gov. Jerry Brown's Agency 

"The Labor and Workforce Development Agency was established to address issues relating to California workers and their employers. A leading Agency goal is to better serve workers and employers by coordinating services and programs in an efficient, effective manner that is relevant to current and future economic conditions. The Agency is primarily responsible for three functions: labor law enforcement; workforce development; and, benefit payment and adjudication. The Agency plays a central role in the Economic and Employment Enforcement Coalition, the purpose of which is to help legitimate businesses and California workers combat the underground economy, through a combination of enforcement and education activities.
Departments within the Agency include the Employment Development Department (EDD), the Department of Industrial Relations, the California Workforce Investment Board, and the Agricultural Labor Relations Board. With the exception of the Employment Development Department, none of these entities had significant adjustments included in the Governor’s Budget. The Budget includes total funding of $26.4 billion ($413.5 million General Fund, $26 billion various other funds) for these entities."

Is illegal aliens (undocumented workers) included in this?

Check out the California 2011 / 2012 budget:
Downloadable PDFs

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