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Monday, March 21, 2011

Liberal-progressive leaders have followers. Conservative leaders have supporters

Liberal-progressive leaders have followers
Conservative leaders have supporters.
Feel the Difference

With a very strange codependent relationship, it appears that the liberal-progressive mindset has some departure from reality. The liberal-progressive leaders are wealthy and elite as they tout their intellectual prowess. At the same time the liberal-progressive constituency either touts poverty or some form of disenfranchisement. As the liberal-progressive leader sells the sense that they are the great hope for the victim-liberal-progressive citizen, - the liberal-progressive citizen pulls hard to maintain the existence of their revered liberal-progressive leader. When the term ‘sheeple’ came into the political dialogue, there was a reason. It was an indication of frustration of what we have become in America. The liberal-progressive mind set is now casting themselves as compliant masses with an almost ‘Stockholm Syndrome’ twist. Laden with political correctness and guilt, they have become less than their personal potential. Survival skills and autonomy are withering on the vine as they have blurred the line between social programs and charity.

The conservative mindset is quite the opposite. The conservative leader pushes its constituents towards more independence. They work tirelessly to minimize codependence while pushing self-reliance. They prefer that social programs are watched closely and that they are designed to help people help themselves to reach their personal success. And the Tea Party movement emerged to keep the conservative leader conservative.  The conservative and the Tea Party citizens are seen by the liberal-progressive as low tooth count, low intellectual aptitude, and unreceptive to modern thinking. It is even worse. The Tea Party is seen as no less than Civil War re-enactors, clutching that dusty scroll with that large “W” in “We the People”. As we limp along with flute and drum, the liberal-progressive sits in that quiet café sipping lattés with their thumbs dancing briskly across their iPhones.
But think about the typecast the liberal-progressive has put on the conservative for a minute. The liberal-progressive sees the conservative as an ancient belief system as the 'LiProg' espouses some modern wisdom and intellect.

Oh really?

While the conservative follows and abides by the Constitution of the United States of America (the thing that made America exceptional), the liberal-progressive is following the principals and model of Karl Marx. That was about 1843. That’s an old belief system there, my friends.

Think before you throw that stone.

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